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Arestocrat Virus

By JubileeX in Viruses

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 1
First Seen: June 4, 2013
Last Seen: February 2, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Arestocrat Virus, in reality, is not a virus but a ransomware Trojan. While viruses infect files and usually spread on their own within a computer and from one drive to another, Trojans like the Arestocrat Virus require the computer users themselves to download and install them, usually using deception or other malware to do this. The Arestocrat Virus is classified as ransomware because the Arestocrat Virus essentially takes the victim's computer hostage in order to extract a ransom. ESG security researchers have noted an improvement in the repetitiveness and sophistication of these kinds of infection. Like other ransomware infections, the Arestocrat Virus blocks all access to the infected computer and displays a typical ransom message. However, the Arestocrat Virus is characterized because, for a few seconds, the Arestocrat Virus displays a warning, which says 'Arestocrat.' If you cannot access your computer because of an Arestocrat Virus infection, ESG security analysts advise removing this threat immediately with the help of an authentic and up-to-date anti-malware solution.

The Purpose of the Arestocrat Virus Dysplays Fake Warnings

Like other ransomware Trojans, the Arestocrat Virus displays a fake warning from the police department corresponding to the infected computer's country (the infected computer's location can be gleaned from its IP address and operating system settings). The Arestocrat Virus message accuses the victim of participating in highly illegal activities, such as distributing child pornography. In its alarming ransom message, the Arestocrat Virus will typically list all of the punishments under the law for these supposed offenses, such as years of jail time and enormous fines. This is all an attempt to fright the victim into paying a one-time 'fee' in order to avoid this supposed prosecution by the police. The Arestocrat Virus message includes a field where the computer user can enter a MoneyPak or Ukash code in order to pay this supposed fine.

Since the Arestocrat Virus is not connected to the law enforcement in any way, ESG security researchers strongly advise computer users against paying this supposed 'fine.' Paying this money will not remove the Arestocrat Virus infection or restore access to your computer. To be able to erase the Arestocrat Virus from your machine, ESG malware analysts recommend starting up the infected computer using an alternate boot method (such as from an external drive) or accessing the Registry Editor in order to prevent the Arestocrat Virus from starting up automatically.


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