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Arcane Stealer

The Arcane Stealer V is an info stealer that has been traced back to what appears to be a group of cyber crooks originating from Russia. This became clear as cybersecurity experts uncovered Twitter, Discord, and Telegram profiles of an individual linked to the creation of the Arcane Stealer V. In all the profile bios the person in question had stated that he/she is a Russian citizen.

Costs Only $9

The authors of the Arcane Stealer V have opted to sell it as a service online to other shady individuals with questionable morals. Despite the Arcane Stealer V not being the highest-end info stealer on the market, it has some redeeming qualities such as its extremely low price. Just for the cost of $9, you can get full access to the Arcane Stealer V’s full features. These include collecting:

  • Steam-related files.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets.
  • FileZilla-related files.
  • Discord session files.
  • Telegram session files.
  • Pidging session files.
  • Microsoft Office documents.

Compatible with Seven Browsers

Furthermore, the Arcane Stealer V can enable its operators to collect browser information like autofill data, login credentials and cookies from the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome.
  • Opera.
  • Yandex.
  • Amigo.
  • Kometa.
  • Torch.
  • Orbitum.

Free Customer Support and Tutorials

The creators of the Arcane Stealer V have made sure to achieve an impressive level of customer satisfaction by granting their clients free of charge technical support. The authors of this threat are available on Telegram where they are more than happy to provide their customers with detailed instructions regarding operating the Arcane Stealer V. The threat also offers tutorials and a user-friendly interface, which makes it even easier for less experienced cyber crooks to operate the malware.

As we mentioned earlier, the Arcane Stealer V is not considered to be a top-tier info stealer. However, its developers also are selling the source code of the threat. This means that if more highly-skilled cybercriminals get their hands on the Arcane Stealer V, this threat can be further weaponized and turned into a much more potent threat easily. To avoid becoming a victim of the Arcane Stealer V, you should consider downloading and installing a legitimate anti-spyware suite that will keep your system and your data secure.


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