By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers

If you visit the Apype.com domain all you will find is a page that rips off the Google search engine, going as far as to claim that Apype.com is indeed the Google search engine itself through the use of trademarked Google logos and other devices. However, Apype.com is a fake search engine designed to deliver fake results that are invariably composed of nothing more than spam. Most search results of a search carried out on Apype.com are links to dodgy websites distributing pornographic content, selling drugs online or attempting to scam their visitors into buying fake security applications. So, why would anyone carry out their online search on Apype.com when the real Google search engine is only a click away? The fact is, most computer users visiting Apype.com only use this fake search engine because they have no other choice.

Typically, Apype.com uses a tiny JavaScript exploit in order to cause its victims' web browser to direct them to Apype.com constantly. Computer users have also reported that their web browser's homepage was changed to Apype.com against their authorization, with other unauthorized changes made to their web browser preferences, default search engine and favorite websites. If your web browser is visiting Apype.com constantly without your authorization, your computer is infected with malware. ESG security researchers recommend using a reliable anti-malware application to search for the cause of Apype.com redirects and to remove it from your computer system. Then, it is important to restore your web browser settings in order to limit any further exposure to Apype.com.

Why Criminals Are Interested in Forcing You to Visit Apype.com Repeatedly

Almost online revenue comes from advertising. This is both true for legitimate websites and for websites like Apype.com that are connected with malware. Advertising revenue is directly connected to online traffic, that is, how many people you can attract to visit your web page. The legitimate way of generating web traffic is by creating interesting or useful ideas, which people will want to read or use. However, criminals bypass this and, instead, infect their victim's computers with malware forcing them to visit Apype.com whether they want to or not. This web traffic artificially inflates the value of Apype.com and the websites displayed in its search results as well as generating considerable advertisements revenue for the criminals responsible for this malicious search engine.


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