Threat Database Adware AppSuper Ads and Deals

AppSuper Ads and Deals

By ZulaZuza in Adware

AppSuper Ads and Deals is adware that affects Web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. AppSuper Ads and Deals may modify the default settings on the PC and result in disturbing browser diversions to unreliable websites pertaining to this adware on the computer. AppSuper Ads and Deals may make modifications to browser and DNS settings without the PC owner's consent. When the computer user is making an online search in any popular search service, AppSuper Ads and Deals may substitute or embed unwanted pop-up ads into search results. If the PC user clicks on search results including random pop-up ads, he may get unwillingly diverted to unidentified websites. The websites connected with AppSuper Ads and Deals that involve pop-up ads were created with the aim of possibly benefit from clicks on advertisements and increased web traffic. When installed, AppSuper Ads and Deals may embed an unwanted plug-in, browser extension, toolbar or add-onon the Web browser.


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