Threat Database Potentially Unwanted Programs Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar)

Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar)

Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar) is a Potentially Unwanted Program that may cause a large number of problems on affected computers. Appmarket Search is used to generate advertising revenue and direct computer users to sponsored online content. If you are observing that Appmarket Search has been installed on your Web browser or that your computer is presenting symptoms associated in some way with Appmarket Search, this will mean that you need to uninstall Appmarket Search and use a commendable security program to ensure that Appmarket Search has not exposed your computer to potentially unsafe content.

Remove Appmarket Search to Stop Its Related Symptoms

PUPs like Appmarket Search may be associated with low quality search engines (such as Appmarket Search) that are designed to deliver advertisements instead of legitimate search results. They may also cause various symptoms that tend to be common to most PUPs. As you may observe, the following symptoms that may be linked to Appmarket Search:

  • Appmarket Search may cause Web browser redirects to the Appmarket Search website itself or to various other sponsored websites. Appmarket Search redirects raise these Web pages' page ranking and traffic, also allowing them to profit from displaying advertisements on these pages that computer users have no choice but to visit.
  • Appmarket Search may cause the appearance of pop-up windows on the affected Web browser. Appmarket Search pop-ups may contain advertising material or bogus error messages. For example, one of these types of potentially threatening pop-ups will try to convince you that your Web browser is out of date, prompting you to download an update that actually is a PUP that is installed on your computer.
  • Appmarket Search may insert its own advertising material into websites visited on the affected Web browser. Websites not associated with Appmarket Search may be forced to display intrusive banner advertisements or in-text marketing links.

File System Details

Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar) may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. C:\Program Files\appmarket\uninstall.exe
2. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hk64tbappm.dll
3. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hktbappm.dll
4. C:\Program Files\appmarket\ldrtbappm.dll
5. C:\Program Files\appmarket\prxtbappm.dll
6. C:\Program Files\appmarket\appmarketToolbarHelper.exe
7. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hk64tbapp2.dll
8. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hktbapp2.dll
9. C:\Program Files\appmarket\ldrtbapp2.dll
10. C:\Program Files\appmarket\prxtbapp2.dll
11. C:\Program Files\appmarket\tbapp2.dll
12. C:\Program Files\appmarket\tbappm.dll
13. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hk64tbapp0.dll
14. C:\Program Files\appmarket\hktbapp0.dll
15. C:\Program Files\appmarket\ldrtbapp0.dll
16. C:\Program Files\appmarket\prxtbapp0.dll
17. C:\Program Files\appmarket\tbapp0.dll


Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar) may call the following URLs:


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