Api.recomme.me Description

The Api.recomme.me URL is associated with browser hijackers and other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Browser hijackers may be used to make money by forcing computer users to visit certain websites, in this case Api.recomme.me, and clicking on affiliate marketing links and advertisements. Malware researchers have noted that Api.recomme.me redirects and other problems related to this URL may affect most Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. If your Web browser is redirecting you to the Api.recomme.me website, if it is displaying pop-up windows associated with Api.recomme.me, or if websites you view are affected with Api.recomme.me advertisements, then it is almost certain that a PUP or Web browser hijacker has been installed on your Web browser. Removing these types of components with the help of a reliable security application will stop all symptoms associated with Api.recomme.me from continuing.

Api.recomme.me Issues can be Stopped… with the Right Security Program

Many security applications may not be capable of detecting or removing PUPs associated with Api.recomme.me pop-ups and redirects. This is because Api.recomme.me is caused by a PUP rather than by viruses, Trojans or other high-level threats. Although most security applications may be designed to deal with high-level threats that endanger a computer's data and the computer user's privacy and financial situation directly, not all security applications will detect or remove low-level threats like adware, browser hijackers and other PUPs. If issues associated with Api.recomme.me continue occurring on your computer despite the fact that your security application claims that everything is okay, malware analysts strongly recommend the use of a different security application to ensure that all content associated with Api.recomme.me is removed.

PUPs Associated with Api.recomme.me

PUPs associated with Api.recomme.me are known as browser hijackers. As their name indicates, they will hijack a Web browser and force computer users to visit the Api.recomme.me website or view the Api.recomme.me content in pop-up windows. Browser hijackers associated with Api.recomme.me also may change the affected Web browser's homepage to Api.recomme.me, it's default search engine to Api.recomme.me, and lower its security settings to increase the likelihood of Api.recomme.me pop-ups of appearing without interference. Most content associated with Api.recomme.me may be potentially harmful. Advertisements and pop-ups associated with Api.recomme.me may be linked to known tactics that may try to fleece computer users by tricking them into paying for a bogus technical support or installing other PUPs on their computers.

Common Symptoms that may be Associated with Api.recomme.me

PUPs related to Api.recomme.me may cause numerous symptoms on an affected computer. Despite not being threatening, PUPs may cause numerous problems that are similar to threats and may make it almost impossible for computer users to use the affected computer effectively. The following are symptoms that may be linked to Api.recomme.me and its associated PUP:

  • Api.recomme.me pop-ups and advertisements may appear repeatedly on affected Web browsers, interrupting computer users and interfering with their normal activities.
  • Affected Web browsers' default websites (such as default homepage and search engine) may be changed to Api.recomme.me automatically.
  • PUPs associated with Api.recomme.me may cause system performance issues, causing affected computers to crash frequently or slow down significantly.
  • PUPs associated with Api.recomme.me may take over any Web searches carried out on the affected Web browser, causing it to display fake search results that are actually advertisements and sponsored content.

To remove Api.recomme.me redirects, PC security analysts recommend that computer users uninstall the PUP causing these types of symptoms. Any harmful changes made by these applications to the affected Web browser and computer settings should be revoked.