AnyStationSearch Description

AnyStationSearch is considered to be a browser hijacker application - once installed, it will change certain browser settings and prevent them from being reverted to their original state. It is recommended to remove AnyStationSearch, as well as any similar application, as soon as you notice their presence.

Usually, users do not go out looking for browser hijackers to install on their devices. Instead, these applications rely on misleading distribution tactics to propagate themselves. One of the most used methods is called 'bundling' - the option to opt-out of installing the specific browser hijacker application is hidden under several menu layers inside the installation process of another more popular freeware program. Such dubious methods are being employed, justifying the classification of these applications as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

In AnyStationSearch's case, once installed on the user's device, it will change the browser's default search engine, homepage, and new page tab to, a fake search engine immediately. When a search inquiry is entered into the affected browser, it will not be carried out by, as this engine lacks the necessary functionality. For the actual result generation, it relies on

Users should keep in mind that the main goal of AnyStationSearch is to generate artificial traffic towards the promoted address.

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