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Do not attempt to visit the website Regardless of the current state of the site, has a history of malicious activity related to rogue anti-virus programs. Visiting may put your computer's security at risk.

What is Going on with

Websites that promote fake security applications typically have a very short lifespan. They are regularly and quickly replaced with new, different sites in order to stay one step ahead of anyone who might catch on to the sites' malicious intentions. certainly isn't any different, in that regard; however, does seem to have had an unusually short run as a malicious site. was registered on March 17, 2011 and was supposedly hosted in Canada, although attempts to find the actual source of the website has not identified a country of origin. For a few days after was registered, there were reports of browser hijackers redirecting computers to, and of causing a rogue anti-virus program to download onto the visiting computer. However, at the time of this writing, seems to be inactive. The domain is registered, but there is no site, and looks like there are no sub-pages hiding out, either (e.g.’s Twin Website

Strangely enough, when was registered, a site called was registered at precisely the same time, and also is supposedly hosted in Canada. appears to be active, and in particular, appears to be a site that uses malicious Javascript in order to mislead visitors. is known to have infected several legitimate websites, inserting malicious pop-up advertisements that offer a free virus scan. It appears to be the case that the pop-ups offer a free scan, and if you click on the link, you are taken to, where the site will play an animation simulating a scan of your computer. If you find yourself at or for some reason, and the site runs an animation that looks like a scan of your computer, you should not agree to any downloads. and may offer a download of fake anti-virus software in order to remove the nonexistent threats identified in their phony scans, and that fake anti-virus software is a very serious threat that can disable most of your computer's normal functions.

There may be browser hijackers associated with and, and in that case, the hijackers would be the result of an infection with a Trojan. Any Trojans associated with the hijackers for and would be hidden in files that you would download without a second thought. For example, you might download a Trojan concealed in a file downloaded from a peer-to-peer filesharing service, or in a program update downloaded from a sketchy third-party site.

It is unclear what, exactly, is going on with and's strange twin site However, given the fact that most fake security applications have more than one malicious site supporting them and that these sites have relatively short lifespans, it is likely that other sites related to will emerge in the future. Watch out for sites that call themselves Antivirussee or Antivirusseexp, and think twice before clicking on any pop-up advertisements that you come across online.

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