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By GoldSparrow in Rogue Websites is a browser hijacker promoting the rogue anti-spyware application called Spyware Protect 2009. The most common way to hit domain is through being redirected there from a misleading web page at which contains a link to push if you want to keep your computer secure. Once you follow the misleadingly suggested reference, you will be taken to domain which contains adware pushing Spyware Protect 2009 fraud. Another way of being diverted to the webpage is through affiliated trojan viruses infiltrating your system and altering browser settings.

File System Details may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %WINDOWS%\dkewiizkjdks.exe
2. %WINDOWS%\iqmcnoeqz.exe
3. %WINDOWS%\jiklagka.exe
4. %WINDOWS%\kitiiwhaas.exe
5. %WINDOWS%\krkdkdkee.exe
6. %WINDOWS%\krujmmwlrra.exe
7. %WINDOWS%\ooorjaas.exe
8. %WINDOWS%\ronitfst.exe
9. %WINDOWS%\sysguardn.exe
10. %WINDOWS%\zibaglertz.exe
11. %WINDOWS%\otpeppggq.exe
12. %WINDOWS%\dkekkrkska.exe
13. %WINDOWS%\ienotas.exe
14. %WINDOWS%\jikglond.exe
15. %WINDOWS%\jungertab.exe
16. %WINDOWS%\klopnidret.exe
17. %WINDOWS%\krtawefg.exe
18. %WINDOWS%\kuruhccdsdd.exe
19. %WINDOWS%\oropbbsee.exe
20. %WINDOWS%\skaaanret.exe
21. %WINDOWS%\tobykke.exe
22. %WINDOWS%\otowjdseww.exe
23. %WINDOWS%\aazalirt.exe
24. %WINDOWS%\iddqdops.exe
25. %WINDOWS%\irprokwks.exe
26. %WINDOWS%\jrjakdsd.exe
27. %WINDOWS%\kkwknrbsggeg.exe
28. %WINDOWS%\krkmahejdk.exe
29. %WINDOWS%\ktknamwerr.exe
30. %WINDOWS%\oranerkka.exe
31. %WINDOWS%\seeukluba.exe
32. %WINDOWS%\tobmygers.exe
33. %WINDOWS%\otnnbektre.exe
34. %WINDOWS%\rkaskssd.exe
35. Uninstall Spyware Protect 2009.lnk
36. Spyware Protect 2009.lnk

Registry Details may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "sysguardn"


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