Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Recently, online con artists have realized that they can generate great revenue by tricking users into subscribing to the notifications of a random website. By doing so, the con artists can use the website to push advertisements via the browser's notifications – these advertisements often may contain links to shady sites and online stores, affiliate products/services, other tactics and even harmful software. It is not uncommon for the notifications to display fake virus alerts and prompts that may try to get the user involved in an online technical support tactic. It is safe to say that the contents of the notifications should not be trusted, and it is in your best interest to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, removing the notifications is a simple task – you need to revoke this website's permission to use browser notifications. This can be done by either resetting your Web browser's configuration entirely or using the 'Site Settings' section to remove's permissions.


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