The website is a shady page that is not worth your time. The does not host any content, even if it claims to do so. The sole purpose of the page is to trick you into subscribing to its notifications.

When the user opens the site, they will see a prompt asking them to click on the 'Allow' button. The page will claim that this is a security check that you need to complete if you want to be granted access to the site. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Completing the so-called security test will not prove that you are not a robot, but it will permit the site to send you notifications via your Web browser. This is popular tactic known as the 'Please Click Allow to Continue.' Once the site gets the requested permission, it will start flooding you with advertisements that may promote some dodgy products and overpriced services.

If you want to stop the site from sending you push-notifications, you should revoke all the consents you have granted it via the settings of your Web browser.

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