Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The site acts as a redirect-gateway for a browser hijacker that may land on your machine as a browser plug-in, add-on, extension and Browser Helper Object. Computer users that are infected with the browser hijacker report that there may be many pop-up windows and new tab pages loaded in their browser whenever they surf the Internet. The browser hijacker may run as a background process and reroute your Internet traffic to earn revenue for its developers. The browser redirects via may lead users to underground forums, illegal drugs, phishing pages and badware like Glomatron and DriverUpdate. Additionally, the users that are having problems with may notice that the online shop is set as their new tab page and start page.

Security researchers reveal that the browser hijacker is dedicated to promoting software and earn pay-per-install revenue for its developers. The pop-ups may welcome users to install applications such as DownQuick and EZDownloader that may not perform as you would expect. Computer users are advised against installing programs from and affiliated pages because its IP address is linked to cyber threats like Alureon and Zemot. The browser hijacker may modify the parameters of your browser to show pop-up windows without triggering ad-blockers and Web filters. Security researchers add that the browser hijacker may be registered in your Windows Registry as a startup service to ensure its operations and run as a sub-thread in svchost.exe. Fortunately, you can install a credible anti-malware suite that can detect the browser hijacker, remove its binary, and restore your default Internet settings.


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