The website hosts a tactic known as ‘Please Click Allow to Continue.’ There are countless bogus Web pages that use the same trick to mislead users into subscribing for their Web browser-based push-notifications.

When you open the site, you will be required to prove that you are not robots by completing a CAPTCHA test. However, it is fundamental to note that the security test in question is bogus. The prompt does not serve to prove the legitimacy of the user, but to trick them into allowing the website to send Web browser notifications. Once the site gets the permission it seeks, it will spam its users with unwanted advertisements. The advertisements associated with the are likely to push unsafe or overpriced products and services, so it is best not to interact with them.

If you have allowed the website to send you notifications via your Web browser, it is advisable to revoke the permissions you have granted it. This is easily done via the configurations of your Web browser.


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