ALOT Toolbar

By ESGI Advisor in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 6,194
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 4,294
First Seen: July 24, 2009
Last Seen: May 28, 2024
OS(es) Affected: Windows

ALOT Toolbar Image

ALOT Toolbar is a malevolent Trojan that embeds itself into your web browser as a Browser Helper Object (BHO). Once executed, ALOT Toolbar will create a search bar in Internet Explorer and redirect your browser to dangerous websites that promote and sell bogus anti-spyware programs. ALOT Toolbar will also attack your desktop with large amounts of extremely intrusive pop-up commercials. Immediate removal of ALOT Toolbar is strongly recommended, since it may not only interfere with your work flow, but also conduce to violation of your privacy and security.

ALOT Toolbar was created by a company that markets it as a search engine toolbar. Web search results are apt to being hijacked where the user may be lead to other unwanted and potential malicious sites.

ALOT Toolbar is also known to change web browser settings where the default homepage is modified. ALOT Toolbar ultimately limits users from utilizing certain web browsers as they normally would and it is recommended to be removed.ScreenshotScreenshot


1 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Sophos Alot Toolbar

SpyHunter Detects & Remove ALOT Toolbar

File System Details

ALOT Toolbar may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. alot.dll 0cbd99c9d64cbd7b5b6d7c67e4a9ebbd 226
2. alotBHO.dll 46722e2becff3bd427bbb7ee7852b234 26
3. alotBHO.dll e2f8e9e2afb591d4cdc5b0d7186677e8 23
4. alotUninst.exe c9a76e41c7ba9e0f62f9f3f42d84c597 0
5. alot.dll d93bece7f94849c3395f7b291b97f227 0

Registry Details

ALOT Toolbar may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{A531D99C-5A22-449b-83DA-872725C6D0ED}


ALOT Toolbar may create the following directory or directories:



ALOT Toolbar may call the following URLs:


Teresa Summerhays Reply

I only want to use yahoo messenger for friends and family and do not want to receive advertisements, or be a part of alot...whatever that is!!!

I just want to go back to my old toolbars, mail etc.

I do not want the Alot toolbar.....I want my origional homepage back

Hi, can't uninstall 'ALOT' toolbar....please help....Thanx...Jenny

I need someone to tell me how to remove ALOT Toolbar, having trouble getting it out and off of my computer. It is trying to change my homepage because of a game I downloaded... MINECRAFT. It's been giving me trouble ever since I tried to get the game. Would appreciate your assistance. April Pritchett

i cant get this off my computor i put in on by mistake

need to get shop at home off my computer. have never used it and never will. please tell me how

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