By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers Image is a low quality website that is closely associated with dangerous browser hijackers. While the actual scam associated with is nothing special, the website itself differs from websites typically linked to browser hijackers in two respects: the web page is written entirely in Arabic and it includes a header image with a picture of the British flag. itself does not seem to contain malicious content. However, due to the fact that has been associated with browser hijackers that infect your computer on a particularly deep level, any redirects should be treated as symptoms of a severe malware infection. To stop redirects, ESG security researchers advise scanning your computer with a reliable anti-malware program.

The website itself seems like a common variant of popular news and content aggregators. However, there are already many established websites that offer similar services without having to resort to infecting their victims with malware. Rather than competing with these other websites by creating quality content or providing a helpful service to visitors, criminals use malware to force computer users to visit repeatedly against their will. These kind malware infections are known as browser hijackers.

There are many kinds of browser hijackers. While some are limited to unwanted web browser extensions that can be removed through normal means, other browser hijackers can vary in severity and may even include malware threats that infect a computer deeply, fundamentally altering the way that computer connects to the Internet by changing its system settings. Unfortunately, has been linked to browser hijackers belonging to this second category. redirects are commonly caused by a Trojan known as the Google Redirect Virus which is often a common component of severe rootkit infections. Because of this, stopping redirects may require the use of a special anti-rootkit application.

The victim can be forced to visit the website against their will in a lot of ways. The most common of these is altering the links in Google or other search engine results, so that they lead to instead of to their correct website. Redirects may also occur at random intervals. Victims of redirects may also find that their homepage and the search engine of their choice have been changed to without their authorization.


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