Description is an unsafe website that displays a misleading message to trick users into allowing its browser notifications. shows the following message to its visitors and makes them think that they need to click on the 'Allow' button to view the website's content:

" wants to Show notifications

Click the Allow button to subscribe to push notifications and continue watching"

If you click on that button, will start sending pop-up advertising messages straight to your phone or computer. These unwanted notifications will promote other unsafe sites like online games, adult pages, or the "official" websites of various Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) most probably. In general, anything displayed by could lead you to corrupted online content and may even result in your device being infected with high-damaging malware threats.

People usually get redirected to by other similar pages or an adware program that has changed their browser default search engine, homepage and new tab URL unnoticedly. Removing such programs could be a complicated process. Therefore, experts recommend using an automated malware removal tool.