ScreenshotAccording to ESG security researchers, the website is a dangerous bogus search engine that is closely associated with browser hijackers. is also linked to a malicious browser toolbar and to particularly disruptive Trojan infections. It is important to understand that will typically appear on your Browser if your computer is infected with a rootkit or Trojan. Because of this, any contact with the website can be considered a potential malware infection on your computer system. ESG security researchers strongly recommend executing a complete scan of your hard drives after any contact with the website, especially if this contact occurred through a forced browser redirect. In fact, even if your security software detects no intrusions, it is important to step in the event of any redirections to the bogus search engines. This dangerous website is often associated with a rootkit infection with the capacity to disable the victim's security software and hide malware on the infected computer system from detection.

If your PC is infected with malware related to the bogus search engine, it will typically display any of the symptoms listed below. Any of these symptoms should elicit a rapid response involving a legitimate, fully-updated anti-malware application:

  • The main symptom of a malware infection related to is forced browser redirects to the web page and other similar websites. If the computer user enters a URL into the address bar, clicks on any button on the navigation bar, clicks on a link or carries out a search on a legitimate search engine these browser redirects can occur. In fact, this is a characteristic that is usually associated with; changing search results so that they will link to
  • Computers infected with malware related to will usually have their Browsers' homepages changed to Malware associated with does not affect one single browser, since the infection goes much deeper than this. Reinstalling your browser does not help when it comes to an infection.
  • One common symptom associated with's browser hijacker is extremely slow connection speed. If you find that your browser takes minutes loading websites and that the address is often displayed in the lower bar of your browser, this is a common sign of an infection.