is an untrusty rogue website that attempts to acquire users' permission to send them promotional messages through a misleading tactic. When you visit, the page will show the following error message:

' wants to Show notifications

Please Press Allow to Continue Watch!'

This is a tactic, as clicking on the 'Allow' button will not load any video file. Instead, it gives the page permission to deliver pop-ups on users' screens. After that, will start sending push-notifications, which will be very annoying, as they will appear on top of anything else the user is viewing currently. Not only that, but these advertisements also can put users' online safety at risk. Websites like this one promote questionable content, like fake software copies, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), online games and adult content. Other than that, their pop-ups may contain corrupted scripts that can download malware on the user's device.

The notifications permission can be deleted from the affected browser's settings. However, if advertisements keep showing up, the computer may be infected with an adware program. Experts recommend scanning the PC for adware through a certified anti-malware program to users experiencing such issues.


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