Description is a questionable pop-up website that may show a bogus software update alert on the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Web browsers declaring that the computer user has to update a media player in order to be able to download videos and watch them in full HD, and have faster playback and streaming on Web browsers to probably dupe computer users into installing malware infections on the PC. may be associated with browser hijackers and adware that may modify the default browser settings to continuously redirect computer users to and other unreliable websites. With the help of related security infections, may show spam pop-up ads, text hyperlink ads, and banner ads on the PC. If the computer user clicks on the pop-up notification and agrees to download an upgrade, he may, in fact, enable to install a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or adware onto the PC.

Technical Information

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The following messages associated with were found:
Update Your Media Player
Please Update Your Media Player (Recommended)
Download any Movie, Video, TV shows From Any Website
Watch any video in Full 1080i HD
Faster Playback and Streaming in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer
Total Privacy – Prevent Others From Tracking What You are Watching