AlertMobile Pro

AlertMobile Pro is a distinctive software for PC security incidents response. The application monitors all unauthorized attempts of PC activity. It then sends alerts to a mobile device, receives and executes response commands. AlertMobile Pro has the added feature of being able to be integrated with an alarm PC for physical protection of rooms, safes…The following are some of the functions that AlertMobile Pro can perform:

- Recording a user logon name, date, time and a PC name

- Monitoring the active tasks list

- Handling the critical applications list

- Sending SMS alerts to the security administrator's mobile phone

- Receiving control commands from the security administrator's mobile phone

- Protection from unauthorized external access

- Protection from unauthorized physical access

The users PC can be remotely administered with control commands through a mobile phone. The following are actions which can be performed with the use of a mobile phone:

Displaying messages sent from a mobile phone

Disabling a user's account and forcing computer restart

Termination of the active process

Termination of all active processes from the monitored processes list

Locking the active process

Locking all active processes from the monitored processes list

Dismounting all protected drives

Tracing the route of a stolen or lost notebook or desktop PC

Sending to a mobile phone the confirmation of command execution status


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