'AKHIL Healthcare' Email Virus

'AKHIL Healthcare' Email Virus Description

The ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus is a brand-new spam operation that aims at propagating the LokiBot infostealer. Most of the targets of the ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus appear to be located in India. The targeted users would receive an email, which is titled ‘AKHIL Healthcare,’ and, at first glance, appears to be in regards to a bank payment. In the message, the user is asked to reply with a ‘copy of product certificate.’ The fraudulent email urges the target to download a corrupted ‘.RAR’ file, which may seem harmless to an untrained eye.

Users who get targeted by the ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus should know that the Akhil pharmaceutical company has nothing to do with this tactic. The conmen behind the ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus are using the name of the genuine pharmaceutical company as they are well-known in the Indian region. There is no specific demographic group targeted by the ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus. Instead, the operators of this tactic are trying to propagate it as far and wide as they can.

Once the LokiBot threat compromises a targeted PC, it will be able to operate silently and collect sensitive data such as browser cookies, saved login credentials, credit card details, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

If you are among the unhappy users who have been targeted by the ‘AKHIL Healthcare’ email virus, you should report the account it originates from and delete the email itself. Do not neglect your cybersecurity and make sure you protect your system by investing in a genuine, reputable anti-virus software suite.