AirZip Hijacker

AirZip Hijacker Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

AirZip Hijacker is a browser hijacker/potentially unwanted toolbar that may be installed onto a PC together with Airzip, a free compression application for a computer system. Airzip can be downloaded from its official website, and it's trustworthy software; however, some computer users, who have downloaded Airzip, detected a new toolbar embedded into Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Web browsers after it has been installed. Airzip may replace the default start page and search service, or a new tab page with or Although both of these websites may appear as usual search tools, in fact, they may have purposes that are not pleasant to the computer user. AirZip Hijacker was produced to probably market commercial websites, and it may be used to make a profit from ad clicks because it may display pop-up ads and from increased traffic of potentially commercial websites that it may unwillingly divert PC users to. If the PC user types any search request on, it may provide him with a list of affiliate websites in search results. AirZip Hijacker may also trace the computer user's surfing routine and later cover the screen of the computer with targeted pop-up ads and banners.

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