AhMyth RAT

Ahmyth is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that, according to its developer, was created for educational purposes only. However, as it occurs with various other projects created with the same finality, Ahmyth's code was misappropriated by cybercriminals that are using the Ahmyth RAT to achieve their particular goals. By weaponizing the Ahmyth RAT, the cybercriminals can invade an Android device, collect privileged data such as call logs and SMS messages, and perform numerous other actions that may jeopardize the user's privacy.

The Ahmyth RAT is not new in the cyber-threats scenario. Its developer released it in 2017. The Ahmyth RAT possesses two components: a server-side component that makes it possible for the attackers to monitor the victims' activities and a client-side component installed on the targeted device.

The Ahmyth RAT is disseminated as text messages containing a link that, when followed, will install the Android Application Package, via corrupted email messages that load the Ahmyth RAT application, a text message sent from the infected device to one of the victims' contacts, bundling it with a popular online game, etc.

Android users need to be always attentive to the security of their devices and their privacy. To keep a device protected against Android-based threats, they should have a security application installed and running all the time.


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