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Affinity is a Potentially Unwanted Program. Affinity is classified as adware because Affinity is used mainly to deliver advertisements to affected computers. If Affinity is installed on your Web browser, security researchers suggest taking steps to remove Affinity immediately. This is because Affinity advertisements may deliver potentially unsafe content to your Web browser. Affinity may also often be associated with Web browser extensions that may cause system performance issues or expose your Web browser to unwanted content. Because of this, all content associated with Affinity should be removed immediately, and Affinity advertisements should be ignored and closed immediately.

Marketing Material and Advertisements Associated with Affinity

There are several types of advertisements that have been associated with Affinity. Affinity advertisements and marketing techniques may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Affinity advertisements may take the form of disruptive pop-up messages that appear repeatedly in new windows and prevent computer users from using the affected Web browser immediately.
  • Affinity may insert its own advertisements into websites that would normally not contain advertising material, turning regular text into hyperlinks that display pop-up messages when the cursor passes over them or inserting additional banner and sliding advertisements to a website.
  • Affinity has also been linked to other types of advertisements, including irritating video and audio advertisements, Web browser toolbars or extensions.

Affinity also presents a threat to your privacy. What causes it are the components associated with Affinity that may keep track of your online activities and Web browser settings and then sell this information to a third party. This data may be used for marketing research.

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