Threat Database Adware Adware:Win32/Funpop


By GoldSparrow in Adware

Adware:Win32/Funpop is an adware threat that may generate and show unwanted pop-up ads and messages on a computer system. The pop-up messages of Adware:Win32/Funpop were created potentially for promotional intentions, and they may be used to advertise numerous suspicious websites. Computer users may start receiving the ads and messages from Adware:Win32/Funpop if their PCs are infected with adware. Adware:Win32/Funpop may slow down the PC and show pop-up messages and advertisements on every website the computer user visits. Adware:Win32/Funpop may circulate and enter the PC as an additional tool packaged with other free programs that PC users can download from insecure download websites. Adware:Win32/Funpop may also set active links on random words on any website. When the computer user hovers over these words, Adware:Win32/Funpop ads may appear on the PC. The pop-up advertisements delivered by Adware:Win32/Funpop may be disturbing and invasive.


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