Adware.Adware Description

Adware.Adware is a piece of malicious adware promoted and distributed by browser hijackers, masquerading as an ActiveX plug-in. Once installed manually by an unknowing user, Adware.Adware will begin to display obsessive and numerous pop-up advertisements that may cause the compromised machine to become useless for brief moments at a time. Adware.Adware may also monitor Internet activity and browsing habits, reporting this information to an unauthorized user at a remote server.

Aliases: suspected of Downloader.Zlob.7 (paranoid heuristic, Adload_r.P [AVG], suspected of Downloader.Zlob.7, Trojan.DL.Win32.Tibs.xx, W32/Adware-RegBHO-based.1!Maximus [Authentium], Win32/Pripecs!generic [eTrust-Vet], Win32:Vapsup-EB [Avast], Downloader.Zlob!gen.3 [Symantec], Adware.NetAdware.Gen [Sunbelt], Trojan.Zlob.28399 [BitDefender] and TROJ_BHO.SK [TrendMicro].

Technical Information

File System Details

Adware.Adware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 E:\IOMEGA_Backup\IOMEGA_HDD\Local Disk\E Drive Backup Volume\Melissa_Backup_SAVE\Program Files\MyWebSearch\bar\1.bin\M3IMPIPE.EXE\M3IMPIPE.EXE 16,384 dabe90ea8ff1877e9ec37824ff117edb 21
2 m3SrchMn.exe 24,688 d61e340440ee4afa021a7568fca8eebf 10
3 mwsbar.dll 417,887 77d104449413c15ce80962b308276cdc 9
4 nldfmtapowe.dll 270,336 f953bb49baeb484365b8c46a4a5e1389 0
5 nogxfvblqld.dll 307,200 2573e0cbdf76c367a7e9303044f8fdde 0
6 nfavxwdbafe.dll 380,928 dcfbbeaf88432ad5c617a56a794e9ffc 0
7 nfavxwdbpbd.dll 364,544 9b5cca22d7a011103eed83483618247d 0
8 nfavxwdbkvn.dll 372,736 b97e245db33b3b9d7a9940189b38503b 0
9 vmgspntbrvm.dll 364,544 c27ded9faac5ec2830e5092ee02a5d2b 0
10 vmgspntbmaq.dll 356,352 999195ddf29976ec07befbfacd4df8fb 0
11 HostOE.dll 140,552 42b1ed1645ef243747b532a7d47885b6 0
12 Srv.exe 468,232 f73d48422fcd83989d774ea4cefef7ce 0
13 HostIE.dll 554,248 daa60ab4b5719b47237d0ee40de8cf90 0
More files

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