There have been numerous complains of browser redirects associated with These redirects can be annoying, prevent computer users from accessing online content and prevent computer users from using the infected computer normally. Fortunately, it is possible to stop redirect and restore the infected Web browser to normal. To do this, ESG security researchers advise the use of a reliable anti-malware application.

Browser Hijackers Associated to Target Windows Users

Browser extensions associated with are considered browser hijackers, Potentially Unwanted Programs designed to force computer users to visit and other websites repeatedly, against their will. Browser hijackers associated with affect computers using Windows and any of the most popular Web browsers. In many cases, browser hijackers associated with may bypass legitimate security programs because they are installed by the victims themselves, often bundled along with freeware applications.

The website itself seems like a fairly generic search engine. In fact, there is little to differentiate and legitimate search engines. However, ESG security analysts have observed that search results and advertisements on are typically sponsored and used to generate advertisement revenue rather than provide a service to visitors. Browser hijackers associated with may also make various unwanted changes to the victim's computer's settings, including changing the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine to Another problem involving is that this website will often contain components that may track the visitors' online activity and browsing habits.

The Consequences of the With Redirects

There are numerous other symptoms associated with redirects, including the following:

  • redirects are often associated with pop-up windows and advertisements.
  • Browser hijackers associated with may often cause a computer to perform poorly, slowing down the victim's online connection and Web browser.
  • may often expose the affected computer to dangerous online content. Links and advertisements associated with may lead to attack websites, online content-promoting known scams and other types of malicious online content. The longer browser hijackers associated with remain on the infected computer, the likelier is that it will eventually become infected with more dangerous malware.