Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a URL that is associated with a known ransomware. The impersonates the police in order to convince inexperienced PC users that they need to pay exorbitant police fines. is designed to carry out a social engineering tactic and use scripts to prevent computer users from leaving the website or closing their Web browser window. Whenever the computer user tries to leave, a pop-up message appears to insist that the website is associated with the police and that the computer user may even go to jail. If you visit, malware analysts strongly advise the use of the Task Manager to reinitialize your PC or shut down your Web browser. Under no circumstances should you follow's instructions. There is no actual link between and the police.

Removing the Absent Police Protection Offered by Scam

Police ransomware scams have, historically, been among the most common types of online scams. These types of scams are used to trick inexperienced computer users by first alarming them and then asking for the payment of a police fine. will detect the victim's location and adapt the message displayed to correspond to it. will claim that the police force of the victim's geographical location has blocked the victim's access to the Internet because of involvement in illegal activities. After accusing computer users of various imaginary offenses, will claim that it is necessary to pay a $300 USD fine through Ukash, MoneyPak or other online money payment services supposedly to avoid been arrested and huge fines.

Since is not actually connected to the police, computer users should refrain from wasting their money with the fake fine. Generally, locations like should be avoided because they may be associated with threats or Potentially Unwanted Programs. If you are being directed to repeatedly, it may be necessary to check your computer for threats.


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