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ScreenshotMany computer users have received messages from a browser hijacker that attempt to convince the victim to download heias.js, a potentially unwanted JavaScript file that may cause browser redirects and other irritating symptoms on the victim's computer. If you find that you have come in contact with the website or if you are getting frequent pop-up windows, messages, or web browser redirects linked to, then it is important to use a strong anti-malware tool that will able to scan your hard drives immediately. Failure to remove malware associated with can expose your computer to more dangerous malware, compromise your privacy, and potentially cause long-term instability and damage to your operating system and other software components in your computer.

Computer users receive pop-up advertisements associated with this website. These pop-up advertisements will attempt to install heias.js on the victim's computer, a potentially unwanted JavaScript file from the website. The mark of an malware infection is that the victim's web browser will display a pop-up window with the message 'Do you want to download Heias.js from' every time they attempt to go online. These kinds of irritating pop-up messages are the most important symptom associated with However, there are many other symptoms that are part of an malware attack.

There are several symptoms of associated with These include the following:

  • Browser redirects to and similar websites are the most common symptoms of these kinds of malware attacks. These kinds of unwanted browser redirects can happen when attempting to connect to another website, after trying to open a link, or as a result of redirected search results after doing a search on a legitimate search engine.
  • The victim's computer will also become unstable, run slowly, crash frequently, and present problems going online due to severely decreased connection speeds.
  • Changes to the victim's web browser and system settings are also common in the event of a browser hijack. These include changes to the victim's homepage, default search engine, and security settings.



The following messages associated with were found:

Do you want to download Heias.js from


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