By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers has been associated with bogus error messages that advise computer users to update their FLV player when they try to watch an online video. pop-ups are part of a well known online tactic meant to induce computer users to download and install Potentially Unwanted Programs and threats. Unfortunately, if your Web browser is displaying pop-ups, this may mean that your Web browser is already affected by a PUP. advertisements and pop-up messages are symptoms of unwanted components on your computer. Therefore, security experts advise removing any content linked to immediately.

Ignore's Message; Your FLV Payer is Fine

Malware researchers have associated pop-ups with a broad variety of mal-functioning flaws that may be caused by the PUP linked to If any of the following symptoms are been displayed by your Web browser, this may mean that a PUP associated with has entered your computer:

  • The main symptom associated with is the presence of irritating pop-up error messages prompting you to update your Web browser, Flash player, FLV player or other utility on your computer. Bogus software updates are among the most common social engineering tactics used to promote PUPs and distribute threats. In this case, the supposed 'update' contains several PUPs of varying degrees of severity, some of which may be classified as threatening.
  • PUPs linked to may make changes to affected Web browsers. These changes may encompass your default search engine, home page or directing a new tab page to
  • PUPs associated with may create several performance issues on your Web browsers. These may include crashing, freezing and slowing down.


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