By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a low quality advertisement platform that has been associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs such as adware and browser hijackers. presents a threat to your computer. This is because advertisements are not limited to advertising material. has also been linked to bogus error messages that will try to convince you that you need to download and install a supposed update for Flash Player. 'Updates' for Flash Player are a very common way of distributing unsafe material. In fact, many threats are distributed in executable files with some variation of the name 'flashplayerupdate.exe' under the pretense of updating this component. In fact, the supposed 'update' offered in messages is a bundle of PUPs and threats which may include keyloggers and BitCoin mining threats. If your Web browser is displaying pop-up messages or new tabs containing content linked to, it is important to remove any PUPs present on your computer with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware application.

The Unwanted Advertisements Displayed by

There are numerous symptoms that may be linked to the URL. The following are some of these types of problems:

  • Affected Web browsers may display pop-up windows or open new tabs automatically. These may contain content linked to in some way, such as advertisements or the fake error messages mentioned above.
  • pop-ups also may be linked to symptoms such as browser redirects or erratic behavior on the affected Web browser. The affected Web browser may repeatedly lead computer users to websites linked to automatically.
  • Content linked to may make changes to the affected Web browsers' settings. These types of PUPs may change your Web browser's default search engine or homepage to or to websites associated with this advertisement platform.


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