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The website itself is not particularly dangerous. If anything, is a low quality search engine that includes sponsored links and numerous advertisements in its search results. However, there are certain kinds of malware, typically in the form of an unwanted web browser extension of a Java applet, that are used to promote These kinds of unwanted programs can cause behaviors in your computer that can be, at best, annoying, and at their worst make your computer nearly impossible to use and expose you to dangerous websites and more several malware threats.

The kinds of malware and unwanted applications associated with are typically known as browser hijackers. This is because the most common symptom of these kinds of infections is unwanted redirects to a particular website. In essence, these kinds of malware infections hijack your browser and force it to visit a particular website ( in this case) as well as forcing it to behave in ways that have not been authorized by the computer users. There are many symptoms of malware associated with Some of these symptoms include the following:

  • Repeated, constant redirects to the website. These redirects will normally take place after clicking on a link, entering an address into the web browser's address bar, or suddenly and at random.
  • Hijacking of search engine results. Basically, the search results on search engines such as Yahoo or Google can be changed so that the links lead to instead of to their intended websites. Inexperienced computer users may then carry out their search again on, exposing themselves to advertising and allowing the people responsible for to profit.
  • Unauthorized changes to the infected computer's web browser settings. Some of the most common changes include having the infected web browser's homepage changed to as well as the default search engine, favorite websites and bookmarks. Other changes include lowered security settings and interference with anti-malware software.

The main goal of browser hijackers associated with is to profit from marketing schemes such as pay per click marketing and sponsored search results. Browser hijackers are used to drive's traffic numbers up, allowing the creators of these browser hijackers to make a considerable profit. Do not allow other people to profit by controlling your online activity! Remove malware with the help of a reliable anti-malware program.


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