By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

If your Web browser redirects you to without any obvious reason, then it is very likely that this may be caused by a browser hijacker you have on your computer. The browser hijackers associated with aren't dangerous, so there's no reason to panic. However, regardless of their safe nature, they may force some unwanted and annoying modifications to your Web browser's settings, and worsen your online experience severely.

The browser hijacker may start its annoying activities by modifying your Web browser's homepage to Furthermore, the hijacker also may change your default search engine to one related to Some hijackers also may change the default Chrome New Tab page, so this is another unwanted alteration that you may notice in your Web browser. This browser hijacker may be distributed via software bundles, so we strongly suggest that users pay close attention to the applications they install. You should opt-out of optional installs, and read what you agree with carefully because some software installers may utilize misleading instructions and messages to trick users into installing the browser hijacker.

The removal of browser hijacker should be performed by using a reputable anti-malware software product. This is required to ensure that all of the hijacker's components will be removed and that will not appear in your Web browser anytime soon.


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