Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By SpideyMan in Browser Hijackers is a fake search engine that is characterized by having a very large number of clones. The many clones of share a very similar domain name which, ESG security researchers suspect, is generated randomly. It can be easily observed that clones of are named by adding a random adjective to the words 'davinci server.' Examples of adjectives used to create clones of include 'neat' (as in neatdavinciserver) and 'some' (somedavinciserver). The family of fake search engines is a direct successor of a very large group of fake search engines that started flooding the Internet in 2011. These malicious websites followed a naming procedure that is very similar to They used the words 'search system' preceded by a random adjective or word. According to ESG security researchers, websites like act as intermediaries between a computer system infected with a browser hijacker and malicious websites full of advertisements such as According to ESG security researchers, uses a browser hijacker that is closely linked to the ZeroAccess rootkit, a dangerous malware infection. If you are being directed to the website repeatedly, this is a definitive sign of a dangerous malware infection.

How Criminals Profit from Forcing You to Visit

Websites like are part of an online scam which attempts to make a profit from infecting your system with malware. By forcing you to visit repeatedly, criminals can boost's traffic artificially, which translates into more advertisement impressions and revenue generated from pay-per-click advertisements. Websites like are also a source of illegal revenue using affiliate marketing links, which pay a certain amount to the criminals for each visitor they send to a specific website. It is important to remember that most of the websites that resort to advertising themselves on malicious websites associated with do so, because they have been banned from legitimate search engines. This is usually due to these websites containing malware or being part of illegal activities, such as online scams and shady websites selling products of questionable origin. Do not let criminals take advantage of your online activities; you should make it a priority to remove any malware from your computer system, especially if it is associated with the fake search engine. Failure to take action will usually result in additional malware making its way into your computer.


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