ADM Sniffer

ADM Sniffer Description

ADM Sniffer is a sniffing tool from ADM crew. A sniffer is a computer application or program that monitors the network traffic that is transmitted from one particular network location to another. A sniffer is a networking tool that is targeted to system administrators and network managers. It is used to troubleshoot, monitor or to detect hackers or attackers attempting to invade their system. Sniffers can be used to steal the user's sensitive personal information which can lead to identity theft and financial loss. It is in this capacity that sniffers are used as a hacking tool. Sniffers are not parasites or viruses. A malicious sniffer can enter your system by other parasites like viruses, Trojans, backdoors or worms without the user's knowledge or consent. ADM Sniffer should be removed immediately.

Technical Information

File System Details

ADM Sniffer creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 admsniff N/A
2 byteorder.h N/A
3 client.c.orig N/A
4 includes.h N/A
5 loadparm.c N/A
6 mem_man.c N/A
7 nmblib.c N/A
8 ntclientnet.c N/A
9 params.c N/A
10 pipenetlog.c N/A
11 proto.h N/A
12 smbdes.c N/A
13 tcp.h N/A
14 ubi_avltree.c N/A
15 ubi_bintree.h N/A
16 ubi_splaytree.c N/A
17 admsmb-v02 N/A
18 bpf.h N/A
19 client.c N/A
20 clitar.c N/A
21 kanji.c N/A
22 makefile N/A
23 nameserv.h N/A
24 ntclientlsa.c N/A
25 nterr.h N/A
26 pcap.h N/A
27 pipesamr.c N/A
28 smb.h N/A
29 system.c N/A
30 time.c N/A
31 ubi_bintree.c N/A
32 ubi_cache.h N/A
33 util.c N/A
34 admscan3 N/A
35 admsniff-v08 N/A
36 charset.c N/A
37 clientutil.c N/A
38 interface.c N/A
39 lsaparse.c N/A
40 namequery.c N/A
41 ntclient.c N/A
42 ntclientpipe.c N/A
43 pcap.c N/A
44 pipentlsa.c N/A
45 samrparse.c N/A
46 smbparse.c N/A
47 thesniff.c N/A
48 ubi_avltree.h N/A
49 ubi_cache.c N/A
50 ubi_splaytree.h N/A