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By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers Image

Superficially, appears to be a legitimate search engine, not that different from most popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, closer inspection reveals almost immediately that is a fake. is closely linked to a variety of malware problems, as well as many other domains associated with malware. Most visitors that reach the website do so because of a browser hijacker that forces their Internet browser to visit certain websites. This is an illegal way in which criminals can boost their profits through advertisement revenue and other sources of money associated with web traffic. has also been observed to be linked to the ZeroAccess rootkit and to the popular browser-hijacking Trojan, the Google Redirect Virus. According to ESG malware analysts, nothing good can come from visiting the domain. Due to its many known links to malware infections, the probability of contaminating your computer after visiting is extremely high. If you have visited, ESG PC security researchers recommend scanning your computer with a reliable anti-malware program immediately. is One of Many Clones of CC Search

CC Search is a fake search engine of which is only one of many clones. CC Search is known for displaying results that are linked to malware and various online frauds. The websites displayed as results in a typical CC Search internet search will usually pay for the privilege or could be associated with the criminals behind CC Search in one way or another. CC Search is known for its extremely large number of clones with similar-sounding domain names. These names are all created in the same way, adding a randomly-chosen adjective to the term 'searchsystem'. is one particularly uncreative clone of CC Search since, in this case, the criminals have not even bothered to choose an adjective from a Thesaurus but have simply used the word 'adjective' in its place. Creating many clones of a malware threat or of a rogue website is standard practice among computer criminals. Websites such as make tracking down the many versions of CC Search much more difficult for PC security researchers. It is also more difficult to maintain anti-malware programs blacklists and threat databases, if new clones of a particular malware threat or rogue website would sprout up constantly.


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