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The URL is associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. is used to deliver advertisements to affected Web browsers. One of the main problems related to is that advertisements may promote unsafe online content, potentially exposing your computer to other PUPs or other kind of threats. Generally, PUPs associated with may cause a large number of pop-up advertisements associated with to appear or force computer users to visit and websites associated with this advertisement platform repeatedly. If your computer is presenting pop-ups or redirects, this usually indicates the presence of a PUP on your computer, which should be removed immediately and you should use your installed security application to help you with the task.

Why It is Better to Remove from Your PC

There are numerous symptoms that may be linked to The following are common problems that may be associated with

  • PUPs associated with may be the cause for Web browser redirections that force PC users to visit itself or one of the many low quality Web pages linked to These types of redirects may occur when the computer user tries to connect to a different website by accessing a link or entering an address into your Web browser's address bar. They may also occur at random intervals or when trying to carry out an online search.
  • The main purpose of PUPs associated with is to generate monetary gain through marketing. One of the main ways in which does this is by displaying a large number of advertisements on affected Web browsers.
  • PUPs associated with may cause performance issues and may be responsible for decreasing system or Web browser performance.


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