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If your Web browser is displaying repeated advertisements associated with, this usually indicates the presence of an unwanted component on your Web browser. These typically take the form of Web browser toolbars, extensions or add-ons and are commonly known as Potentially Unwanted Programs. PUPs associated with may cause system performance issues on an affected computer and expose your Web browser to potentially unsafe online content. Because of this, security researchers consider that pop-ups and redirects are symptoms of a problem that should be handled immediately. Typically, pop-ups and redirects can be stopped by removing the PUP responsible from your computer. With the complicity of an updated and ethical security application, you can scan your PC to ensure that no unwanted content associated with remains on your computer after the PUP has been uninstalled. Incorrect removal is a common problem, causing the appearance of suspicious error messages on the affected computer or the return of the PUP linked to

What You Need to Know About

PUPs associated with are mainly used to create monetary gain. Marketers may generate advertising revenue at your expense using through the following tactics:

  • PUPs associated with may generate advertisement revenue by displaying advertisements directly on the affected Web browser. Computer users have complained of a non-stop stream of pop-up advertisements associated with
  • These types of PUPs may also add advertisements to websites viewed on the affected Web browser, replacing their normal advertising contact with advertisements or adding additional marketing content such as in-text marketing links or additional banners and sliding advertisements.
  • PUPs associated with may also cause browser redirects to and associated websites. These generate affiliate revenue and also increase's and these other websites' page ranking and traffic numbers forcing PC users to visit them repeatedly.


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