There have been several problems involving, an advertisement platform that is often associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. These types of PUPs are often used to force computer users to visit repeatedly or to display numerous advertisements from the platform on the affected Web browser. One common complaint is that components associated with may change the affected Web browser's homepage and default search engine to If you are experiencing problems involving on your Web browser, this indicates the presence of a PUP on your computer. PUPs associated with usually affect Web browsers on the operating system and commonly appear as extensions or plug-ins for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. To stop redirects, advertisements and other symptoms associated with this website, it is necessary to remove these PUPs entirely from the affected computer.

How May Be Used to Generate Revenue

The main purpose of and PUPs associated with is to generate revenue. There are several ways in which may make money at your expense, including the following:

  • PUPs associated with may take over the affected Web browser, forcing it to visit repeatedly. These types of redirects interrupt the victim's activities, increasing's page ranking and traffic artificially.
  • Computer users have complained of advertisements associated with appearing on their computer. has been linked to pop-up advertisements, in-text marketing links, banners and a variety of other advertisements which will often claim to be 'delivered by'.
  • PUPs associated with may track your online activity and gather data about your Web browser and computer settings.