Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers is an unreliable web search provider that may be connected with adware and browser hijackers. At first sight, may seem to be a reputable and protected search tool, which reminds of an authentic search engine. However, in truth, through the use of malware infections such as browser hijackers and adware may result in disturbing browser redirects on the Web browser to suspicious websites. Security infections pertaining to may show a bogus 'Active Virus Scan - Scanning Your Computer For potential Threats' pop-up notification and give 'Scan Status'. may masquerade as a trustworthy PC security website, but, in reality, with the help of related malware threats, it may show falsified system scan results and divert computer users to similar unknown computer security websites that may urge computer user to purchase numerous fake security applications. Such websites as were generated to possibly seduce PC users visiting them and clicking on random pop-up ads with the goal to boost website traffic and make a profit.


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