The website is a fake page that is likely to be encountered by users who are used to browse low-quality sites. The creators of the site make cash by bombarding their visitors with countless advertisements.

The website would present visitors with pop-up windows and alerts that may be very difficult to close as the ‘X’ button may be hidden or change its location to mislead the user. Some of the ‘X’ buttons may not even serve to close the ad in question, but may, instead, spawn a new advertisement. Users are advised against engaging with the advertisements affiliated with the site. Dodgy pages like the website usually promote fake services and low-quality products because they tend to work with shady advertisement networks.

If you do not tend to browse shady websites but are still experiencing advertisement spam linked to the site, you may have adware present on your system. Users who are receiving advertisements affiliated with the shady page even when they are browsing trustworthy sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook (and similar pages), are very likely to have adware present on their PCs. It is a good measure to scan your system with the help of a reputable anti-malware application that will securely remove any adware it may detect.