AcceleratePCPro is an application that promises to optimize your Windows system resulting in better load times and overall improved performance. It also can clean the Registry, create backup files, and repair system errors. However, most, or all, of the promised features are locked behind the premium version of the program, and it attempts to pressure the user into buying it by supposedly detecting dubious critical errors and various false positives.

While AcceleratePCPro cannot damage a computer, users should keep in mind that it is still considered a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) based on the unethical distribution methods it employs. The most favored method is through what is known as 'bundling' - the installation of the PUP is hidden behind several menus as part of the installation process of another more popular free application.

While some users may find the features presented by PUPs desirable, in most cases, these applications are barely functional and should be removed as soon as possible.


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