Abuchak.net Description

ScreenshotAbuchak.net is a tricky search engine. The main goal of Abuchak.net is to earn ad money for web scammers. Abuchak.net is either advertised as a browser helper or bundled with legitimate downloads. Abuchak.net may occur like a legitimate and secure website, but, in truth, it is supported by harmful browser hijackers and malware infections. These browser hijackers and malware infections can cause annoying search redirecting activity on the compromised web browser. If browser hijackers or malware infections exist on your computer system, you will get forcibly redirected to Abuchak.net and other similar domains full of fake ads. Such websites were designed by IR criminals to attract Internet users visiting them and clicking on the ads in order to increase website traffic and earn money. Browser hijackers and malware infections connected to Abuchak.net will restrict your normal Internet surfing. When you try to look for a term in Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing or other well-known search engines, at first, you will get the search result links related to your query, but if you click on them, suddenly, they will be changed to search results totally unrelated to Abuchak.net, you need to remove all browser hijackers and malware infections related to this false website and change your browser settings.