Abeforeign.club Description

Abeforeign.club pop-ups are a browser-based tactic that tricks users into subscribing to browser notifications from its own fake website. The deceptive error message that appears on the website reads:

"Abeforeign.club wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!"

Once a user clicks on the "Allow" button, the website starts sending constant pop-ups from Abeforeign.club directly on the victim's phone or computer, even when no browser is launched. The unwanted spam advertisements promote online games, websites with adult content, fake software updates, or other potentially harmful applications and tools.

The only way to end the annoying flow of advertisements is to delete the Abeforeign.club permission to display browser notifications. This scheme affects all popular browsers on Windows and Mac, and users typically land on this page after visiting other corrupted websites that contain links or advertisements that redirect them to it. Although a free browser extension like Adblock can block corrupted advertisements, if these unwanted pop-ups keep showing even after its permission to use your browser's notifications was blocked, or after the installation of an ad-blocking tool, your computer might be infected with an adware program or a browser hijacker. These applications may have changed your browser settings to redirect you to unsafe places on the Internet.