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9newstoday.com is a search engine related to the Google Redirect Virus. Victims have reported that a browser hijacker forces them to visit 9newstoday.com repeatedly after carrying out a normal search on Google or other legitimate search engines. This is part of a well-known online scam which attempts to generate substantial advertisements revenues from forcing computer users to visit websites that spam advertisements repeatedly. At first glance, it is fairly obvious that not a lot of thought or time was put into 9newstoday.com's design. Its ugly orange lettering over a black background is very similar to many spam websites that are quite common online (such as typo squatters, which take advantage of common typos when entering a URL into the address bar). The main page of 9newstoday.com is composed of various links as well as a search box on the upper-right corner. It is necessary to scan the infected computer system with a reliable anti-malware application in order to remove the source of the redirects to 9newstoday.com, usually some variation of the Trojan known as Google Redirect Virus. This malware infection will often be associated with the ZeroAccess rootkit (whose removal may require a specialized anti-rootkit tool).

Criminals Profit from Forcing You to Visit 9newstoday.com Repeatedly

Cybercriminals force computer users to visit 9newstoday.com and other similar websites by infecting their system with malware. Regardless of the cause of the traffic, advertisements impressions and clicks can still be generated by forcing visitors to 9newstoday.com. This is especially true in the case of inexperienced computer users who may simply try their search on 9newstoday.com again, believing that the redirect to 9newstoday.com was somehow their fault. Remember, 9newstoday.com has no search functions. The correct course of action is to close your web browser immediately, start up your computer system in Safe Mode, and attempt to remove any malware with a reliable anti-malware application. If redirects to 9newstoday.com do not stop, the use of a more powerful anti-malware program with anti-rootkit capabilities may be the solution.


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