95p.com Description

ScreenshotWhen you visit 95p.com you will find what seems like an authentic search engine. It has a blue and white color scheme and is replete with what appear to be useful links. However, this is only a facade. Behind this seemingly innocent interface, you will find a website that is designed for nothing more than to display advertisements, usually for malicious websites or products. If 95p.com's tactics stopped with serving as a vehicle for the delivery of advertisements, this would be a harmless website, similar to thousands of websites that were created for the particular function of building advertisement revenue. However, ESG security researchers consider that the fake search engine 95p.com is an extremely dangerous threat to your computer system's health. This assessment is made based on 95p.com's close associated with severe malware threats, especially browser hijackers designed to take over your online searches and force your Internet browser to visit 95p.com and other websites similar to 95p.com. Because of this, any contact with the 95p.com website should be treated as a potential malware infection and steps should be taken to scan your computer's hard drives and to remove any malware detected as a result of this scan.

How 95p.com Uses Browser Hijackers to Take Over Your Computer System

The fake search engine 95p.com is closely related to Trojan infections that force your Internet browser to carry out certain malicious tasks. The problem cannot be solved by reinstalling your current Internet browser, since the infection goes much deeper into your computer system. Usually, browser hijackers associated with 95p.com are Trojan infections that fundamentally affect how a computer system connects to the Internet. Malware associated with 95p.com will often also include components designed to disable legitimate security software in order to protect itself. Browser hijackers associated with 95p.com will force the infected computer's Internet browser to visit 95p.com instead of carrying out its appointed tasks. For example, an infected computer may visit 95p.com after the computer user enters another URL, clicks on any of navigation bar buttons or tries to carry out an online search. The most common way in which malware associated with 95p.com acts is by replacing links for any Google search results with links to 95p.com. Inexperienced computer users will simply try their search again on 95p.com, mistaking 95p.com for a legitimate search engine, allowing 95p.com to display its many malicious advertisements.