Threat Database Browser Hijackers '888-919-3843' Pop-Ups

'888-919-3843' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Web surfers that are annoyed by the '888-919-3843' pop-up windows might be infected with a browser hijacker. The 888-919-3843 phone number is associated with uncertified technical support services that may be promoted on suspicious domains like and A browser hijacker may generate the '888-919-3843' pop-up windows on your computer, and it is programmed to advertise services that you may not need. You may have installed an unwanted add-on, plug-in, extension and Browser Helper Object the last time you installed a free program with the 'Express' or 'Typical' option. Freeware bundles are favored by adware developers that wish to deploy their products. Naturally, freeware may include a browser hijacking extension and users may experience the '888-919-3843' pop-ups. The browser hijacking application at hand may connect to and, run in the system background and use executable DLLs to remain undetected.

The '888-919-3843' pop-up windows are designed to look like legitimate security alerts and may suggest that you have not configured your Internet browser correctly. Also, the '888-919-3843' pop-ups may list your IP address, browser version and OS type to claim credibility. Security analysts remind users that information like your IP address, OS version, and browser type is publicly available information that Internet servers require to provide content. You should not call the 888-919-3843 phone number even if it is toll-free. As stated above, you will not be provided with help by certified experts and may be welcomed to pay hundreds of dollars to solve your problems. Ignoring the '888-919-3843' pop-ups and waiting for the next update to your browser will not result in a clean PC. A quick peak in the Extensions Manager of your browser may not reveal unusual activity. The '888-919-3843' browser hijacker may have installed its files in the Temp folder, and you need a credible anti-malware tool to delete its binary.


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