Threat Database Browser Hijackers '888-898-3501' Pop-Ups

'888-898-3501' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Numerous computer users have reported problems related to the '888-898-3501' pop-ups. These intrusive pop-up messages will claim that the users' computers are infected and will try to convince them to either connect to, download 'PC Repair Tool,' or call the included phone number. The '888-898-3501' pop-ups are part of a well-known tactic that involves tricking inexperienced computer users into paying for useless, fake technical support services. If the '888-898-3501' pop-ups are appearing on your computer, you should ignore their contents completely. In most cases, the appearance of the '888-898-3501' pop-ups and similar content on a computer indicates that an undesirable component, such as a PUP or adware has been installed on that PC. Removal of the unwanted component from the infected computer will stop the '888-898-3501' pop-ups immediately.

The Real Intention Behind the '888-898-3501' Pop-Ups Tactic

Tactics like the '888-898-3501' pop-ups will often try to intimidate inexperienced computer users by using scary language, fake error messages, or impersonating legitimate error messages and codes such as the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death. Regardless of this, pop-up messages that urge computer users to call a particular phone number may not be legitimate. In the case of the '888-898-3501' pop-ups, the main purpose of the tactic is to lead computer user into downloading and installing a bogus security software or pay for expensive, fake technical support services. These tactics also have been associated with unsolicited phone call hoaxes, where computer users will be called from these phone numbers directly and told that there is a problem with their computers. Almost invariably, the fraudsters will try to convince computer users that they are associated with Microsoft or with Windows and that they are providing a legitimate technical service.

How the People Related to the '888-898-3501' Pop-Ups may Try to Profit at Your Expense

The con artists associated with the '888-898-3501' pop-ups may try to convince you to grant them remote access to your computer. They may use this access to install threats on your computer, collect your data or any valuable information, and attempt to spread components associated with the '888-898-3501' pop-ups to your email and social media friends and contacts. In most cases, the people linked to the '888-898-3501' pop-ups will attempt to justify their 'services' by charging you for some warranty or computer maintenance service. As part of the tactic, they may require that you share your credit card information or other information, which may lead to identity theft or other types of hoaxes. The combination of identity, data, and monetary damages may result in significant damages incurred from the '888-898-3501' pop-ups tactic, which tends to prey on those computer users that are most inexperienced, such as the elderly or the very young.

How to Deal with the '888-898-3501' Pop-Ups Fraudsters

Avoid calling the phone number associated with the '888-898-3501' pop-ups. If you have made the mistake of calling this number or if the con artists have called you, ignore any sense of urgency or pressure that you may feel from their alarming language, hang up, and take steps to safeguard any information that may have been shared with them. Many computer users may fall prey of the '888-898-3501' pop-ups tactic because the Caller ID or email addresses used by the con artists seem to indicate that they are associated with Microsoft, Apple, Windows or another legitimate entity. However, these identifiers can be spoofed by con artists easily to hide their true identity. Real technical support professionals will never call you unsolicitedly or display pop-up messages like this on your computer, particularly with the obvious formatting errors and inconsistencies that are often seen in these hoaxes.


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