Threat Database Browser Hijackers '888-540-4641' Pop-Ups

'888-540-4641' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '888-540-4641' pop-up windows may look like a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) that users are reasonably scared by because it is loaded with Windows OS when there are critical errors on the system. However, the '888-540-4641' pop-ups are not legitimate messages from your OS and are delivered by a Web page that is loaded in your Internet client. The '888-540-4641' pop-ups may be hosted on sites like Easysupportsystemhel.pxyz, which we have listed before. The '888-540-4641' pop-ups may be generated on pages that are rigged with a JavaScript that is designed to freeze the browser of the visitor. Security investigators report that these pages may be loaded by a browser hijacker on the visitor's computer. Browser hijackers are apps that may change the Internet client's settings to enable the display of insecure content and show ads. In many cases, browser hijackers may redirect users to infected sites loaded with tools like the Sibhost Exploit Kit that are used to deliver threats.

However, the '888-540-4641' pop-ups are used for technical support hoaxes and aim to convince users that drivers on their PCs are not functioning properly. As stated above, the '888-540-4641' pop-ups come with special effects and users may experience discomfort from having their browser frozen. Opening the Windows Task Manager will allow the user to kill the Internet browser's primary process and resume regular activity. Unfortunately, browser hijacking apps linked to the '888-540-4641' technical support tactic may hinder access to the task manager on the Windows OS. The message on the '888-540-4641' pop-up alerts is designed to include a list of processes that you are not familiar with and feature a small dialog box that says:

'BSOD Driver Problem

ESG experts advise against contact with the con artist on the toll-free (888)540-4641 phone line to avoid losing money. An experience with computer support tactics suggests that the crew operating the (888)540-4641 phone line might instruct users to install software like LogmeIn and TeamViewer. The programs mentioned before are used by certified computer support staff to assist users across the globe with their problems. However, the grifters on the (888)540-4641 phone line may cause system errors to back up their claim that you need to subscribe to a support plan. You should not accept offers and follow instructions that are provided by the '888-540-4641' pop-up windows. PC users should install a reputable anti-spyware application to clean their OSes from unwanted software and threats that may generate phishing content on their screens.


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