Threat Database Browser Hijackers '888-403-7927' Pop-Ups

'888-403-7927' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '888-403-7927' pop-ups are part of an adware scheme that may be intrusive as it displays at random when surfing the Internet. The '888-403-7927' pop-ups may display when you are viewing certain web pages where it may offer a toll free service number for supposedly fixing computer issues that may have been detected on your computer.

Computer users who utilize the '888-403-7927' Pop-Ups service by dialing the number may be connected to a person where a computer fix service is offered. Though, the service will demand that a payment be made for the service and potentially make up issues that they have detected on your computer. Moreover, the '888-403-7927' Pop-Ups may cause performance issues with your web browser, which is more reason to remove the '888-403-7927' Pop-Ups by using the proper antimalware resources to detect and eliminate all instances of the adware add-ons or components causing the pop-ups to appear.


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